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Thursday June 13th 2024


MLB Free Agency 2012: What Are the Real Chances the Yankees Get Albert Pujols?

this website, we've had a lot of time to talk about free agency stories and what the Yankees should do for the 2012 season.

We've talked a lot about pitching and a little about hitting, but not much.

And I'm also a little surprised I haven't seen one Albert Pujols story yet on this page. Maybe it's me, but I thought I would see more from others.

So I guess I will have to be the one guy who discusses Pujols on here. I mean, why not? Not like the Yankees got a lot going on today, except for some vacation plans and rounds of golf in Florida.

The best player in the game will be a free agent once the World Series is over. Whether the St. Louis Cardinals win or lose, Pujols will be a free agent.

The Cardinals get five days ...

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