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Friday April 19th 2024


MLB Fantasy Baseball 2011: Should You Bench Mark Teixeira in April?

Teixeira is a notorious slow starter.

His lifetime batting average in March and April is .235. He’s a .294 hitter in the other months. He hits a home run every 27 at-bats in March and April. He homers every 15.8 at-bats in the other months.

His early batting averages the past two years have been dreadful.

2010: .136, two HRs

2009: .200, three HRs

Not only have his averages been dreadful, but so have his slugging percentages (.259 last year, .371 in 2009). He combined for 22 runs and 19 RBI in the two years, but that only averages out to about 5.5 runs and 4.75 RBI per week.

Obviously, he has great power potential, averaging 34.4 home runs per season in his eight years, but is he worth the harm that he ...

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