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Wednesday May 22nd 2024


MLB: Babe Ruth and Judge Landis Expressed Contempt for Baseball Fans

the 1921 World Series, New York Yankees slugger Babe Ruth formed a team of major league all-stars that would barnstorm around America. Ruth and the players needed the money.

Before free agency, most players worked during the off-season because they needed the money. Baseball players earned only slightly more than most Americans and some, as difficult as it might be to believe today, even used public transportation to get to work.

Jobs included selling cars or insurance (Bob Feller and Al Rosen), teaching (Joe Black) and grave digging (Richie Hebner).

On Nov. 12, 1920 baseball owners installed a new commissioner following the revelation that the Cincinnati Reds had been given unfair help in winning the 1919 World Series. Judge ...

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