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Saturday June 15th 2024


MLB: 10 Best Relief Pitchers of the 1980s: Gossage, Orosco, Sutter?

1980s is the only decade in the history of Major League Baseball with three relief pitchers in the Hall of Fame.

The 1980s was the decade that we started seeing prevalence with career relief pitching.

In fact, every relief pitcher in this top 10, except one, started in 0-10 percent of their career games.

That’s almost like today.

There are certainly some important differences in today’s relief pitching and the relief pitching of the 80s. One difference, relief pitchers of the 80s chewed up more innings.

Here’s an example. Not too long ago I published an article on the 10 best relief pitchers from the 2000s and only one relief pitcher in the top 10 averaged over 1.3 innings pitched ...

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