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Monday July 22nd 2024


Mickey Mantle’s Turning Point

was a comment that received little attention during spring training, but it might have been a turning point for Mickey Mantle.

Some New York Yankees' rookies were showing off their skills at St. Petersburg in 1956. Mickey watched the hopefuls a few minutes and then the Yankees' 24-year-old veteran turned to a reporter.

"A lot of these young kids of ours are going to be good ballplayers."

This was a new Mickey Mantle.

The late Shirley Povich of the Washington Post predicted that 1956 would be the year when the real, mature Mickey Mantle arrived. He wouldn't be the Yankees' leader, but he would lead by example. He wasn't a kid anymore.

Povich noted that Mickey was striking out less. Yankees' coach Bill Dickey, a ...

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