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Wednesday May 22nd 2024


Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford Against George Weiss and the Scooter

Mantle had a terrible season in 1959. He batted .285, with 31 home runs, 75 RBI, and a.517 slugging average.

Most players would not consider that too bad, but Mantle was not most players.

Yankees general manager George Weiss wanted to slash Mantle's $75,000 salary by $15,000.

From his home in Dallas, Mantle agreed that his 1959 season "wasn't so good," but he felt the New York Yankees "cut my salary too much."

A $2,000 Cut Was Acceptable

One of Mantle's friends revealed that he would accept a salary cut of $2,000, but that was it.

The friend went on to say that Mantle made $72,000, not the reported $75,000.

The Yankees original offer of $55,000 made Mantle livid.

Mantle ...

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