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Sunday April 21st 2024


Michael Pineda’s Comeback Is Shot in the Arm Yankees Need for Playoff Race

class="ui-droppable">Twelve up, 12 down. 

Four innings into Michael Pineda's start on Wednesday night in Oriole Park at Camden Yards, it was clear the New York Yankees had found yet another vaccine in the area where they've needed it the least in their quest for October baseball.

The 6'7”, 265-pounder was writing poetry for the story of his comeback. He had been suspended for 10 games after his start April 23, in which he was ejected after just 1.2 innings at Fenway Park with an obvious, embarrassing smear of pine tar across the back-right side of his neck.

He'd been on the disabled list since May 6.

Bottom of the first: groundout, strikeout, fly out. The second: pop out, fly out, strikeout. The third: groundout, ...

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