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Friday June 14th 2024


Michael Kay Keeps Exposing Himself As an Idiot

bobo Michael Kay was at it all weekend long. He mentioned that Cliff Lee is cheating with that resin cap, and then he talked about how it was all over for the Rangers after the Yankees won in Game 1.

This is the type of analysis we get from a play-by-play man and talk-show radio host in town. Is it any wonder why Kay gets ripped often by Phil Mushnick and Bob Raissman?

It's funny how the Yankee bobo talks about how he is a victim of agenda by Mushnick, Raissman and his critics. In reality, he brings all of this on himself.

What he said about Lee was out of line. He better have some evidence to prove Lee cheated before he talks rubbish. What Kay said is nothing worse than a blogger or a citizen journalist making up a trade rumor ...

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