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Wednesday May 22nd 2024


Memo to Javier Vazquez: You Are Back in the American League

once said: "Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore."

Last night, Javier Vazquez at times looked as though he might have been looking for his ruby slippers.

Javy, you're not in Atlanta anymore.

Many Yankee fans and most of the Yankee brass have trumpeted the return of Vazquez as just what the Yankees needed. They've pointed to the Yankees' lack of a fourth starter in the playoffs last season and proclaimed that Vazquez solves that problem.

This writer has pointed out in other articles on this site, since Vazquez was re-acquired by New York, that you need to look very carefully at the difference between the way Vazquez pitched in the National League and the way he pitches in the AL.

Granted, it is just wrong ...

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