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Monday May 20th 2024


Mark Teixeira an All-Star? I Think Not

the current All-Star voting tallies, I'm forced to ask the question, "Is it time for some changes regarding the selection of Major League Baseball's All-Star teams?"

As of today, May 25th, Mark Teixeira is the leading vote getter for 1st basemen in the American League.  Yet Teixeira is batting an abysmal .209 and, in his own words, "can't get any worse." 

But, nonetheless, Yankee fans are voting him onto the All-Star team.  I understand a fan wanting to support his team but this is ridiculous!  And Yankee fans are certainly more intelligent than to believe Teixeira is having a season that is even remotely All-Star caliber.

The New York Yankees have an immense world-wide fan base, and rightly so.  ...

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