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Tuesday May 28th 2024


Major League Baseball Should Fold in Its Poker Game with Alex Rodriguez

League Brass Must Stop “Poking” Their Head in ARod’s Business:

By: Gary M. Ayd

I am not here to be Alex Rodriguez's publicist.  Nor am I going to claim in this space that he is a stand-up or likeable guy because he is not. 

That said, he also is not Albert Haynesworth, stomping on people’s heads, Ugueth Urbina going Freddie Krueger on some farmers, or even Barry Bonds fighting his teammates in the dugout and ignoring them after the game. 

ARod, a millionaire many times over, plays poker. 

The same game that you (and I) play with our buddies over a few cold ones while watching the football game and eating greasy pizza and hot wings.  The major differences ...

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