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Thursday May 30th 2024


Major League Baseball: 1975 – The Worst Draft Ever

certainly the worst job Major League Baseball teams ever did of handicapping baseball talent happened in the 1975 Draft. It was a bad, bad draft on many levels.

The first player selected was my all-time biggest draft bust: Danny Goodwin. Adding to the fact that this was the second time Goodwin was the first player selected in the draft, he was also given what was then almost certainly a record bonus for a drafted player of $125,000.

The last of the great bonus babies, Rich Reichart, received $200,000 from the then California Angels in 1964 after a frenzied bidding war, which was the impetus for the teams to adopt a draft of amateur players to prevent competitive bidding. In 1965 the first No. 1 selection, Rick Monday, received a $100,000 bonus, ...

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