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Friday May 14th 2021


Latest on Andy Pettitte: Another Offseason Blow for New York Yankees

off-season keeps getting worse for the New York Yankees, as ace Andy Pettitte finally gave word that he was not physically ready for the 2011 season.
What does this mean exactly?
It construes that Pettitte has not been preparing this off-season for an on-time return to the Bronx, but he is could come back later on.
This is starting to sound a little to ‘Brett Favre’ for my likes, but it is also shocking that Pettitte would be so inconsiderate to his teammates.
Why not tell this to the Yankees in December?
The selfless thing and what Pettitte should have done, was inform the Yankees the moment he decided not to train. That would have been over a month ago.
People retire all the time ...

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