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Friday June 14th 2024


Josh Beckett Should Be Arrested and Red Sox Fans Should Be Ashamed

am mad as hell right now.

After the way Josh Beckett tried to injure three Yankees tonight, I'd almost feel better if Jacoby Ellsbury sneezes and his fractured ribs puncture his lungs.

Or maybe I'd almost feel better if Joe Girardi gave struggling Javier Vazquez a chance to boost his fortunes with the team's fans and work on his control at the same time. Give him a surprise start to open the next game in this series and let him aim at every Red Sox head he faces until he's tossed, thus sparing the regular starter disciplinary action.

Almost, but not quite.

Nut-less thugs like Beckett and the A's Dallas Braden who throw at players out of frustration or anger—or threaten to—belong in a jail cell bent over a bench ...

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