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Sunday June 16th 2024


Johnny Damon’s Return To the New York Yankees Is a Must for 2010

making a list.

Checking it twice.

Gonna find out who is terrible or nice.

Santa Cashman is coming to town, Santa Cashman is coming to town.

Yes, I am in the Christmas spirit, and the Yankees are too, because they have begun their holiday shopping.

Unlike us, who shop for December 25, Brian Cashman is shopping for next season and beyond.

Cashman had a proven center fielder with a decent contract on his list. A three-way trade for Curtis Granderson took care of that need.

Cashman also needed a reliable arm who is the most winning pitcher in postseason history. Andy Pettitte's $11.75 million dollar deal also took care of that need.

Now, Cashman does have other needs on the list. ...

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