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Saturday August 15th 2020


Johnny Damon Is Not the Answer for the New York Yankees

day one of "10 Weeks without Curtis Granderson" came to a close for the New York Yankees, word spread that former Yankees fan favorite Johnny Damon had expressed interest in re-joining the club. 

The Yankees would be better served in looking elsewhere.

Damon, now 39 years old, once captured the hearts of the Yankees faithful as a major piece to their last world championship in 2009. That year he hit .282 with 24 home runs and 82 RBI while playing 132 games in left field. His grit, drive and heart endeared him to teammates and fans. 

More importantly, his ability to hit in the clutch made him one of the reasons for that team's success.  In 2009 Damon hit .299 with runners in scoring position, driving in 57 of those 82 RBI.

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