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Wednesday July 24th 2024


Johnny Damon: Daily Random Sports Thoughts 11

to the 11th edition of "Daily Random Sports Thoughts!"

For those not familiar, I pick a team, player, or any other topic in sports that I have five random thoughts about. I'm trying to get an article on here every day.

Today's lucky random sports topic is—Johnny Damon.

1) Congrats on finally signing with a team! It's a shame you didn't come back to the Yankees, with that great "lefty-pull" park, but congrats on becoming the newest Tiger!

2) But seriously, you were thinking about the Tigers even after you left the Red Sox? Come on! Does anyone besides me think that that's just a case of a guy trying to say all the right things? How does he remember that? It was in, like, the 2005-2006 off season! I can ...

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