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Friday June 14th 2024


Johnny Damon Back with New York Yankees? Pros and Cons

reports today have the Yankees negotiating to re-sign Johnny Damon.

Damon turned 36 years old on Nov. 5. For the past three seasons, he has had problems with his legs and feet.

Once a fearsome threat to steal bases, Damon had only 12 thefts in 2009.

Once a centerfielder with range as good as all but three or four players in the majors, Damon now is a shadow of himself on defense. 

He cannot cover the ground he once did and his throwing arm is virtually non-existent. Beginning in 2008, teams realized they could run on Damon at will.

In 2008, the Yankees realized he was a defensive liability. They made a trade to bring Xavier Nady over from Pittsburgh and that was possible because Damon could DH with ...

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