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Tuesday June 25th 2024


Joe Girardi Overmanages, Angels Take Game Three.

you are going to be uptight, nervous, and over-manage in the postseason, you better win. Time and time again, New York Yankees manager has overmanaged in this postseason and the Yankees’ talent has bailed him out. Today, there was nobody to bail Girardi out.

In the bottom of the 11th this afternoon in Anaheim, with the score tied at four, Girardi took RHP David Robertson out of the game with two outs and nobody on base.

Why Girardi took Robertson out is anyone’s guess.

Robertson, who led all American League pitchers in K/9 with 12.98 was cruising along. He had thrown only 11 pitches and six of them were for strikes. There was absolutely no reason to take him out– especially since a right-handed batter was coming up in Howie ...

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