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Saturday April 20th 2024


Joe DiMaggio Loved His Fans

the 1950 season, Joe DiMaggio was asked to select his greatest game. DiMaggio explained that he had to choose two games because each involved the fans.

"I will compromise and pair two thrills as my greatest. They have one thing in common: both were given to me by the fans."

DiMaggio selected the penultimate game of the 1949 season played on Oct. 1 against the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium, and the final game of the 1948 season on Oct. 3 against the Red Sox at Fenway Park.

October 1, 1949 was Joe DiMaggio Day at Yankee Stadium. Fans used to give players a "day" as a token of appreciation. Of course, many gifts, often including a new car, were part of the deal.

The fans gave Joe more than 100 presents in ceremonies before the game the New ...

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