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Wednesday May 29th 2024


Joba’s Chamberlain’s Velocity Higher in 2008 Than 2009

other day I went through the PitchFX data for Joba Chamberlain to see what we could find. So I compiled a list of all of his appearances in 2009 separating the data to find his velocity early in the season, later in the season, and then as a reliever.

I found that his velocity as a starter stayed consistent throughout the season at 92.47 MPH even though he struggled a lot after August started and he passed 110 innings for the first time as a major leaguer. His average velocity jumped to 95.19 MPH as a reliever, a difference of 2.72 MPH on average.

His ERA went down, but I feel it’s doubtful velocity was the contributing factor as it was consistent when he was a starter even when his numbers were. Instead it was more likely to be other factors. ...

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