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Friday June 14th 2024


Joba Chamberlain’s Lack of Results Directly Tied to Lack of Emotion

is my first post for Bronx Baseball Daily, and what better topic to lead off with than Joba Chamberlain, who must own the record for most words written about a pitcher with a 94 ERA+.

I think everyone knows the story by now: Joba was the hottest pitcher after the All-Star Break, and there was a time you could make a serious case for him being the Yankees’ No. 2 starter. A few mediocre starts later, followed by the implementation of two sets of new “Joba Rules,” and now Joba looks pretty terrible.

So what’s wrong? A pitcher with Joba’s ability should not have a slump like this.

I can’t help but notice, however, that Joba’s entire demeanor changed once he started scaling back his starts. It’s ...

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