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Tuesday June 25th 2024


Joba Chamberlain: Not So Fast, Yanks’ Choice of Phil Hughes To Start a Smart One

the announcement Thursday that New York Yankees right-handed pitcher Phil Hughes will be the team's fifth starter, a firestorm has arisen over what many now call the misuse of fellow right-handed flamethrower Joba Chamberlain.

Chamberlain, 24, was kept on strict pitch and innings limits last season as part of what Yankees brass claimed would be a permanent transition to a starting role. Chamberlain pitched on more than four days of rest in 13 of his 31 starts, and threw only 157.1 innings due to pitch limits that kept him from reaching the sixth inning in nine of his last 11 outings.

Now relegated back to the bullpen for his first regular stay there since 2008, Chamberlain will have to readjust his program yet again. This has sorely angered a ...

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