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Wednesday July 24th 2024


Joba Chamberlain May Not Be Suited to Starting

Chamberlain first flashed on the major league scene in August 2007. He had been called up to the New York Yankees because they were floundering and needed bullpen help.

Chamberlain came in from the pen in 19 games in August and September 2007. He pitched in 24 innings. He gave up ONE earned run and had an ERA of 0.38. His ERA-plus was a stupid 1204. (There is no decimal point there.)

But the Yankees said that Joba was supposed to be a starting pitcher. So in 2008 all the talk was that they were going to limit his innings, but they were going to make him a starter.

So in April and May of 2008, Joba appeared in 20 games for the Yankees, none as a starter. In April, all in relief, Joba had a WHIP of 0.197. In May, all in relief, ...

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