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Sunday May 19th 2024


Jesus Montero: Is He the New York Yankees’ Catcher of the Future?

Yankees have a problem that many teams would love to have: Three possibilities to man one position for the next decade or so.

Of course, I'm referring to the triumvirate of catchers currently in the Yankees' minor league system: Jesus Montero, Austin Romine and Gary Sanchez.

Jesus Montero was thought to be Jorge Posada's heir, but his performance during this spring showed he wasn't quite ready yet; his great bat wasn't there and his defense wasn't acceptable yet.

Austine Romine is considered by many to be a better overall catcher than Montero, but his bat isn't as good. Major League teams will gladly take a great bat over defense, so that has kept Romine behind Montero.

Gary Sanchez, as Matt Strobl talks about in his article ...

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