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Wednesday May 22nd 2024


Ivan Nova: Front-Runner for AL Rookie of the Year

this point in the season, the New York Yankees' Ivan Nova has to be seen as the clear front-runner for AL Rookie of the Year.  

There aren't any legitimate candidates from the pool of position players.  Mark Trumbo has amassed 26 homers, but that has come along with a .256 batting average and sub-.300 OBP.  Desmond Jennings and Brett Lawrie have been killing the ball since their call-ups, but neither will finish with even half a season of games played.

Over on the pitchers side, things aren't much more competitive.  Earlier this season it seemed like nobody would be able to match the performance of Michael Pineda; he took a sub 3.00 ERA into the month of July, and put up fantastic strikeout numbers along the way.  His strikeouts ...

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