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Wednesday May 29th 2024


Is New York Yankees’ SP Chien-Ming Wang Up For Grabs?

is that the Yankees will not "tender" (salary arbitration) for their injured former-ace, Chien-Ming Wang, thereby prematurely making him a free agent. The idea is to get him to a lower base salary, with incentives. That's a penny-wise, dollar-foolish move that may backfire.

Although they pay top dollar for sought-after athletes, the Yankees have always been chintzy with less popular players such as Wang. For instance, after his splendid 2007 season, they offered him only $4.0 million for 2008 in his first arbitration year.

Wang countered with a request for $4.6 million. The Yankees took him to arbitration instead of ponying up the relatively small difference.

First, second, and third year arbitration players are typically awarded ...

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