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Saturday June 15th 2024


Is Carl Crawford Bronx-Bound in 2011?

the New York Yankees' reluctance to give Johnny Damon two years deal reflect something about their love for free agent to be Carl Crawford? According to Jon Heyman, the answer is yes.

One reason the Yankees were reluctant to go for a two-year deal for Johnny Damon might have had little to do with Damon and been a greater reflection of what they think of Carl Crawford. The Yankees love him. Crawford is almost sure to be too rich for the low-revenue Rays and the Yankees jump to the head of the class for interested teams. Remember, too, that the Yankees passed on Matt Holliday. It all seems to set up nicely for Crawford. If this is indeed true, then Yankees GM Brian Cashman deserves praise for his long term vision.

Historically when the Yankees are ...

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