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Sunday July 21st 2024


Is Alex Rodriguez the Most Clutch Hitter on the Yankees?

Rodriguez has become the new Yankee October hero this postseason with unbelievably timed hits and home runs. In Game Two of the ALCS versus the Angels, A-Rod did it again. Leading off the inning against Angels closer Brian Fuentes, who saved 48 games this season*, the Yanks' chances didn't look so hot.

*You may hear announcers say that Fuentes was great this year, and that's why he was an all-star, and that's why he saved 48 games. Don't believe them, he hasn't been good at all. His ERA was a mediocre 3.93, but his FIP and tRA were significantly worse, and his K:BB ratio was 1.92, the worst rate of his career and below league average. The fact that Fuentes saved 48 games this year does not excuse the fact that he pitched very poorly all season and should ...

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