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Saturday April 20th 2024


Is Alex Rodriguez Better Than Lou Gehrig?

players from different eras can be compared accurately because their eras were similar.

Lou Gehrig and Alex Rodriguez played when offense was dominant.

Gehrig played 14 full seasons, 1925-1938, while Alex, whose first full season was 1996, is in his 15th full season.

Rodriguez has already hit more home runs than Gehrig and may break Henry Aaron's career record for home runs, but those facts should never be used to conclude that Alex Rodriguez was better than Lou Gehrig.

Best Home Run Season

Gehrig hit 493 career home runs, with a single-season high of 49, while Alex has hit 589 home runs, with a single-season high of 57.

When Gehrig hit his 49 home runs in 1934, Jimmie Foxx was the only other ...

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