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Tuesday June 25th 2024


If the N.Y. Yankees Sign Aroldis Chapman, Pay Last Respects to MLB Free Agency

baseball fans,

You should now be on panic mode. The weeks and days are coming closer to a possible overthrowing of the free agency system, and it could all come at the hands of Aroldis Chapman.

Not that Chapman has done, or for that matter, will do anything wrong. The 21-year-old Cuban defected a few months ago and is now looking for a way into the greatest baseball league in the universe.

But Chapman could easily be the center of an abrupt ending to one of Major League Baseball's most important decisions over the last 40 years: free agency.

This is figurative, of course. But there's more truth to it than you might think at first glance. The culprit in this case, no stranger to being guilty of spending lots of money, is ...

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