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Friday March 1st 2024


Ichiro Should Bat Leadoff to Boost the Struggling New York Yankees

calendar will turn to September this weekend, and the New York Yankees will be playing an important series for the division lead. Usually, we would assume that their opponent is the Boston Red Sox; instead, the team on the other side of the diamond is the Baltimore Orioles, led by the favorite for AL Manager of the Year in Buck Showalter.

Even up to a month ago, few people outside of Baltimore were sold on Showalter's team. Most people figured they would fall to the bottom of the division again. With the lead for New York at ten games, it seemed the only team fans would have to worry about would be a surging Tampa Bay Rays squad.

Well, the Rays did just that. But the resilient Orioles followed as well. Now, the lead in the division is just 3.5 games, ...

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