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Sunday May 19th 2024


I Grew Up with Derek Jeter: His Role in the Upbringing of an Entire Generation

than the Toy Story trilogy, Nickelodeon and perhaps Yankee Stadium itself, Derek Jeter was my childhood.

As a New Yorker growing up in the late '90s and throughout the '00s, my sports fandom and the Yankee captain’s career are inexorably linked. He was my first connection to professional sports, the superhuman shortstop whose face adorned the walls of my bedroom, whose number was displayed on the back of my Little League jersey, whose patented “jump throw” was imitated to minimal degrees of success.

Of course I was not alone. Jeter is my generation’s Mantle, the Yankee King who held court over the city of New York for the better part of two decades. The player that anyone of a certain age will speak of with a reverence reserved ...

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