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Tuesday June 25th 2024


Humor: New York Yankee Fans Blame Joe Girardi for Blowing Phil Hughes’ No-Hitter

a message board storm unlike any seen for weeks, New York Yankees fans set the online world abuzz as they ripped Yankees manager Joe Girardi for costing Phil Hughes a no-hitter.

Fans called for Girardi's immediate resignation/firing/tar-and-feathering following the game where Hughes, one of the Yankees' top young pitchers, no-hit the Oakland A's through seven innings, before allowing an infield hit to Eric Chavez in the eighth inning.

Within the hour, hundreds of Facebook groups were devoted to the cause, with groups suggesting replacements for Girardi such as Joe Torre, Buck Showalter and even Billy Martin.

When a sharp individual pointed out that Martin, having been dead for over 20 years, would likely be a poor choice for manager, ...

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