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Friday June 21st 2024


How the Braves Lost the 1958 World Series

Abstein was a Boston fan until his team moved to Milwaukee in 1953. Joe still roots for the Braves.

He fondly recalls the 1957 World Series in which the Braves beat the Yankees, but once in while, he still has nightmares about the 1958 World Series.

The Yankees Were "Just Another Team" Until the 1957 World Series

I was a Boston Braves fan who was extremely upset when the team moved to Milwaukee in 1953, but I remained a Braves' fan.

The Red Sox were our primary rival because we played in the same city.

Fans of both teams, unlike fans of any one of New York's three teams, knew that it was highly improbable that the Red Sox and Braves would ever meet in the World Series.

The Yankees were ...

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