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Monday May 20th 2024


Hideki Irabu: The New York Post Takes an Unfair Swipe at George Steinbrenner

again, Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post has presented its own version of the news.

Sadly, former New York Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu committed suicide by hanging himself.

Post reporter, Cathy Burke, not a baseball writer, inferred that Irabu never recovered from then-Yankees owner George Steinbrenner’s abuse.

Burke cleverly refers to the abuse in the sentence in which she writes that Irabu committed suicide. Take a look.

”Yankee pitcher Hideki Irabu -- the onetime hero of the Japanese baseball world who never recovered from the abuse hurled at him by George Steinbrenner -- has committed suicide, authorities said yesterday.”

No one will ever know whether or not Irabu ever recovered from Mr. Steinbrenner’s ...

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