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Saturday November 27th 2021


George Steinbrenner Won’t Be Missed by Everybody

of stories are floating around the Internet about George Steinbrenner's recent passing, and an opinion piece on my website , www.GuysNation.com, offers the view that while George Steinbrenner is being mourned by millions of Yankees fans, not everyone will shed a tear that he's gone.

The premise of the article is that George Steinbrenner is a polarizing figure, as are the New York Yankees, with whom he will always be linked, and that even with his death, not everyone has to feel sad that he's gone or even feel that there's some sort of "void" left on the fabric of baseball.

Just like the author of the article on GuysNation, I'm not glad he died.  He had owned the team since before I was born, and I've never had a single inclination to ...

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