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Monday July 22nd 2024


George Steinbrenner: Remembering ‘The Boss’

"The Boss"
(Joe Arrigo)

George Steinbrenner was a polarizing figure. Two different authors could write two different books and it would be two different versions, but both would be right. Not to many people can have that effect, but Mr. Steinbrenner did. He just turned 80 on the 4th of July, but on July 13th, he passed away at his home in Tampa, Florida.

Many baseball fans (OK, people who dislike the Yankees) say he bought his way to 7 World Series titles. They say he had an unfair advantage because of the YES Network and the New York media market. They say he was to demanding and didn't care about anything except winning at all costs (pun intended).

I disagree on all accounts.

"The Boss"  bought the Yankees ...

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