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Friday August 12th 2022


George Steinbrenner Can Wait To Be a Hall of Famer

have no problem with sports figures who are the personality equivalent of a stiff drink. Ted Williams is one of my all-time favorites. To me, Bobby Knight is a genius coach. If I shut down the moral center of my brain, I can even appreciate Kobe Bryant and Ty Cobb for their statistics and work ethic.

So it’s not out of character prejudice that I think George Michael Steinbrenner III can wait to get into the Hall of Fame. Mr. “breathing first, winning next” certainly has the credentials to have earned a spot. Consider these facts and stats under his ownership:

- Seven World Series championship teams
- Eleven pennant winners
- Seventeen division titles
- Six no-hitters (and two perfect games)
- Four MVP and three Cy Young ...

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