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Sunday March 3rd 2024


Gary Sanchez’s MLB Superstar Breakout Just the Start of an All-Star Future

class="ui-droppable">There's a New York Yankees coach named Tony Pena. He was an All-Star catcher when he played in the major leagues, the only All-Star catcher ever born in the Dominican Republic.

When you ask him why there's only been one, he first says, "Don't ask me that question." Then he points across the Yankees clubhouse, at the corner where 23-year-old Gary Sanchez is sitting in front of his locker.

"There's one coming up," he says.

There's a major league scout who grew up as a Yankees fan and has long followed the Yankees farm system while working for a rival team. You ask him about Sanchez, and he points to Monument Park.

"That's where he could end up," the scout says.

You see, it's not only fans and ...

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