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Wednesday May 22nd 2024


From Spring Training to Post-Season: Derek Jeter Reaches 3,000 Hits!

me, Mr. Jeter. Cooperstown is on line 1."

When Derek Jeter hit 2 home runs on Saturday afternoon against the Houston Astros, he picked up his 2825th and 2826th career regular season hits. Of course, the home runs were important because they helped the Javier Vazquez and the New York Yankees win. Otherwise, most people wouldn't care that Jeter picked up a couple more hits.

Actually, those two home runs have a much more noteworthy place in Jeter's career. With having compiled 175 hits in his postseason career and now having hit over 2825 times in his regular season career, Derek Jeter now has more than 3,000 career hits as a major league hitter!

Jeter has played in 28 post season series in his 16 year career. ...

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