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Thursday May 30th 2024


Francisco Cervelli Running Out of Gas, Jorge Posada’s Return To Help

on a daily basis isn't easy. Not even if you're an exuberant 24-year-old named Francisco Cervelli.

Cervelli's zeal for the game of baseball helped propel him to a scorching start to 2010—the backup-turned-starter held a .400 batting average through 20 games played on May 17—but he's not an energizer bunny.

As of May 17, Cervelli had started in 14 of the Yankees' last 22 games as Jorge Posada nursed a calf injury. His eight days off provided enough rest for the catcher to continue to produce at a consistent level.

Then, Posada hit the Disabled List after fracturing his right foot and Cervelli started 10 of the 11 games leading up to this weekend's series against Cleveland. In those 11 games, Cervelli slumped in the ...

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