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Tuesday June 25th 2024


For the Yankees, Roy Halladay Is Just Johan Santana 2.0

Halladay rumors and discussions are all the rage right now, so the thought of dealing for him has been on my mind. I'm sure you can guess that I am against a deal for Halladay, unless it comes at the right price. You see, dealing for Roy Halladay is exactly what the Yankees didn't do after 2007 when Johan Santana was on the table.

From 2005-2007, Santana accumulated 19.5 WAR. He made $19 million in 2008.

From 2007-2009, Roy Halladay was worth 20 WAR. He is set to make $15.75 million in 2010.

If there's a difference between these two situations, it's not a big one. Halladay would probably be worth more than $16 million, but I can't buy into giving up an established big leaguer, like Phil Hughes along with a Jesus Montero, for one year ...

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