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Thursday May 30th 2024


Following Yankees Loss to Tigers, It’s Time to Place Blame Where It Belongs

get it. The New York Yankees lost.

They’re dead and done with. Their season is over, finished, terminado. They’ll be playing golf next week. The season was a disappointment, maybe even a bitter one.

As the calendar flipped to October, the American League leader in runs put up a Mexican League effort. A top-tier Cy Young candidate morphed into Denny Neagle redux. A much-maligned $30 million third basemen became—well, a much-maligned $30 million third baseman. 

All of the above is as frustrating as it is true. As a Yankee fan, it’s hard to keep all the anger inside. It’s hard not to yell at A-Rod at the top of your lungs. It’s hard to refrain from throwing furniture and/or feeling generally depressed/hungover ...

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