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Wednesday July 24th 2024


Fantasy Baseball’s Top 10 Underachieving Hitters of 2010

have nearly a month of baseball in the books and many hairs have turned gray (if they haven't been pulled out) on fantasy owners of these 10. These 10 are causing you to bite the bullet because they are undroppable, currently untradeable for the value they deserve, and yet simply incredibly bad at the moment. The list does not include players who are hurting your team because of injury. Although I'm sure Ian Kinsler, Jimmy Rollins, Curtis Granderson, and Jacoby Ellsbury are hurting you on the DL, they weren't bad when playing. That is just plain bad luck. These players would be far less annoying if they were hurt. At least that would give you a reason to bench them. I can only imagine how many times these names have been said before the phrase "you're killing me." Here's ...

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