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Saturday June 15th 2024


Easy Does It: NY Yankees Put Their Faith in Robinson Cano

Cano has a way of making things look easy on the baseball field.

This is both his greatest blessing and biggest curse.

New York sports fans don't like when things look easy. We appreciate effort. Effort means you're taking the game as seriously as we are.

Paul O'Neill chasing down Luis Polonia's drive up the gap in Game Five of the '96 Series, that was hard work. Mickey Mantle barely able to drag his shot legs around the bases after hitting his 500th homer off Stu Miller...that took effort. Every devilish pitch David Cone summoned out of that accountant frame of his, he earned each one of those 194 wins.

It's not like that for Cano.

How many times have you seen him go behind second base to turn a sure ...

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