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Sunday June 26th 2022


Don Mattingly: Better Than Tony Perez

Mattingly's major league career with the New York Yankees started in 1982 and ended after the 1995 season. Mattingly's first full season as a regular was 1984.

From 1984-89 Mattingly batted .327, had an on base average of .372 and slugged .530. He averaged 27 home runs, 114 RBIs, 49 walks and only 34 strikeouts.

Now we turn to Mickey Mantle. During his career, Mickey was ranked slightly behind Willie Mays by the majority of fans and writers, but with the passage of time and the creation of sabermetrics, Mickey has just about caught up to Willie.

The primary reason is that peak seasons are emphasized. They have become a major criterion when rating players. Mantle is an excellent, possibly the best example of a player who has gained in ...

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