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Tuesday May 28th 2024


Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees: New York Must Not Panic After ALDS Loss

League Baseball's two most followed teams are the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. It wasn't that long ago that the Yankees' fans were laughing at the late-season collapse and subsequent panic of the Boston Red Sox.

Now, turnabout is fair play, as the Yankees have now had two straight seasons without winning a World Series, which is an eternity for them.

All of a sudden, their vaunted lineup looks very old. Derek Jeter is 37, Alex Rodriguez is 36, Curtis Granderson is 30 and Mark Teixeria is 31.

But with the exception of Jeter and possibly Rodriguez, age isn't really going to bother those guys. Jeter is the only guy there who isn't driven by power, and power hitters can launch the ball well into their 30's. Rodriguez has been bothered ...

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