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Tuesday May 28th 2024


Derek Jeter’s Ex, Minka Kelly, Causes Stir with Girl-Girl Kiss

Rachael Taylor in Miami.

Was the girl-girl action a sign that Kelly is into chicks exclusively, partially or just shooting a scene for the show? Maybe, maybe not. The fact of the matter is, nobody really cares.

Kelly could have easily faded into WAG irrelevancy after her and Jeter split. With this move, she catapulted herself into WAG royalty.

Odds are she's playing a role in the show. It seems far more likely that she's doing a scene from the show that required the kiss rather than the possibility that she is in a full-fledged, public lesbian relationship with one of her costars.

Fantasy crushing, I'm aware. For those of you who are imagining that this is the 2011 version of one super-hot girl consoling another super-hot ...

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