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Tuesday November 19th 2019


Derek Jeter Will Be Remembered as Once-in-a-Lifetime MLB Icon

class="ui-droppable">In the sports world, hyperbole is commonplace. This, however, is more of a fact than an opinion: There will never be another Derek Jeter.

Scoff if you choose, but the announcement of Jeter's impending retirement doesn't change the narrative of his career; it simply illuminates a player that will be unmatched for the rest of sports history.

By 2020, Derek Jeter will be enshrined in Cooperstown on a plaque for future generations to admire. Yet for the generations of fans that had the chance to watch his two-decade career unfold, one of the most unique, decorated and storied careers took place between second and third base in Yankee Stadium.

When factoring in the traits that made Jeter special—on-field ...

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